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If Shaun King is trending on Twitter, chances are really high that it’s for no good reason at all.

Rice, 44, believes that groups like Black Lives Matter trot out celebrities instead of seeking real change.

Samaria Rice and Lisa Simpson are making it perfectly loud and clear. They are not here for any of the activists and people they feel are making a buck off their dead sons' names and Black pain.

Shaun King is feeling the wrath of Twitter once again after coming to the defense of Tamika D. Mallory.

Samaria Rice, the mother of slain boy Tamir Rice, reportedly criticized Tamika Mallory's showing in the performance but also others such as Ben Crump in recent posts.


The 2014 murder of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by officer Timothy Loehmann sparked nationwide outrage and was one of the many killings of unarmed Black men and children that helped push the Black Lives Matter movement into the national spotlight. Though the Cleveland police officer in question was never indicted for the shooting he was eventually […]

A film on the life of Tamir Rice is in development. Rice's mother, Samaria Rice, BlueAngel Entertainment and Nonara Productions are the producers.

The police officer who shot and killed Tamir Rice—a 12-year-old Black kid who was playing with a toy gun—has been fired. 

Interviews with the two officers responsible for killing 13-year old Tamir Rice have surfaced. The one who didn’t pull the trigger says they didn’t know it was a kid, obviously. 

In a settlement, the City of Cleveland will pay the family of Tamir Rice $6 million. The 12-year-old black boy was fatally gunned down by police who mistook his pellet gun for a real gun back in 2014. 

After the visual for “Formation” and Super Bowl 50 performance lauded praise and controversy for its nods to Black Lives Matter, Beyoncé is again ready to get people talking. Reportedly, Bey has rallied Trayon Martin, Mike Brown, and Tamir Rice to appear in her upcoming music video.