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Well, that didn’t take long. It only took one day for KRS-One to respond to MC Shan’s scathing acapella diss with “S.H.A.N. (Still Hugging A N*t)” that was released on Twitter today. 

The 30-year old beef between the two 50-year old rappers was reignited earlier this week when MC Shan claimed that KRS-One never defeated him in a battle and went on to say they in fact, never battled at all.

“Me and [KRS-One] never battled, ever,” said Shan in an interview with the Murder Master Music show. “I don’t care; any Hip-Hop historian knows a battle is two cats on stage, doing what they do.”

That remark prompted KRS to demand an apology from Shan, to which Shan responded with a three minute diss delivered via telephone.

KRS asked his Twitter followers if he should entertain Shan’s diss and they spoke up.

Less than 24 hours after Shan’s audio diss, KRS responded via Twitter and dropped a reply titled “S.H.A.N. (Still Hugging A N*t).”

On the track KRS mentions Shan’s storied use of crack cocaine rapping: “Technically I didn’t take you out, Shan, the crack did.”


While by Shan’s standards, this exchange still doesn’t count as a “battle,” who do you think won this round?