On Sunday night (Oct. 18) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One had their Verzuz showdown and it was everything a Hip-Hop head could ask for. As fans rabidly debate who came out on top, the culture itself came home with the W.

Jadakiss’ reign as the Verzuz G.O.A.T. might come to an end soon. Big Daddy Kane and KRS-ONE have signed on to go at it at the next battle and we are here for it.

Season 2 of Marvel’s Luke Cage will not only bring the action but will also have some very lit live musical performances as well. 

KRS-One has apologized for shouting out the wrong Beastie Boy on his song “Hip-Hop Speaks From Heaven” and will remove the track from the album.

KRS-One just released what people are calling his best album in a long time, but there is one huge, glaring mistake on one of the songs.

MC Shan was the latest subject of DJ Vlad’s camera and he revealed something most men his age still struggle with, being molested as a child.

While many in Hip Hop, including the Zulu Nation, have turned their backs on Afrika Bambaataa after child molestation allegations against him, KRS-One is still defending him.

Legendary, but loquacious, MC KRS-One has released a lengthy statement to clarify his recent statement defending Afrika Bambaataa amidst the child sex abuse allegations surfacing against him.

With lean and pills becoming the topic of so many songs nowadays, it makes you forget the days when the green leaf was the only inspiration some of your favorite rappers needed.

Well, that didn’t take long. It only took one day for KRS-One to respond to MC Shan’s scathing acapella diss with “S.H.A.N. (Still Hugging A N*t)” that was released on Twitter today. 

KRS-One and MC Shan, Hip-Hop’s version of Ali and Fraizer,  just added another chapter to their 30-year long beef. The two veteran MCs are in yet another squabble over who won “The Bridge Wars.” 

KRS-One is one of Hip-Hop’s living legends and still very much a capable artist in his own right. The South Bronx Blastmaster was a guest on CNN‘s “Get Political” series where he discussed police brutality, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and much more.