While many in Hip Hop, including the Zulu Nation, have turned their backs on Afrika Bambaataa after child molestation allegations against him, KRS-One is still defending him.

The loquacious rapper continued his support of the embattled Hip Hop pioneer during a Q&A session in Birmingham, UK.

When queried about how Hip Hop and Bambaataa himself have handled the many child molestation allegations made against him this year, KRS-One insisted again, that he does not get involved in allegations.

“We’re sitting here with no evidence, no convictions. Nothing but accusations,” he says. “You’re talking about the person who invented Hip Hop. There was no Hip Hop before Afrika Bambaataa. Anyone who has a problem with Afrika Bambaataa should quit Hip Hop.”

He also went on to say that Bambaataa is above being accused of anything and that he’s “untouchable.”

Afrika Bambaataa was ousted from the Zulu Nation organization he founded after a group of men and many others accused him of child molestation dating back to the early 80s. Bambaataa has denied the claims.

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Photo: WENN

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