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MC Shan was the latest subject of DJ Vlad’s camera and he revealed something most men his age still struggle with, being molested as a child.

Shan spoke on a range of topics in his sitdown with Vlad. He have his take on why the rumored Juice Crew documentary never came to be and why he feels the majority of Hip-Hop music is creating a generation of drug addicts. But the lynchpin of the interview comes when he speaks on growing up in Queens and dealing with the molestation that ran rampant in his neighborhood.

He starts by telling a story about how he and his friends were on a skate team. Shan then mentions an older guy that would always be around the neighborhood, around them, but nobody really knew why.

He goes on to say:

“He would sit us next to him in the driver’s seat of the car and let us either do the steering wheel or the stick shift. And all of a sudden, I’m old enough to know better, a hand comes around and grabs me by my crotch. That right there is molestation in itself. Never no penetration or not of this kind of crap. But I was old enough to know that this ain’t right. So I got away from that situation and never went back to it. A man touched my crotch, that’s molestation.”

Shan’s recollection does make one at least consider another definition of what molestation actually is and how many cases like his either go not talked about or overlooked. While he wasn’t sodomized as many would assume is the case with molestation, he was touched inappropriately by an adult, even it if was a brief isolated incident.

Shan correlates the incident to the attitude and stance that his longtime rap rival KRS-One has taken amidst controversy surrounding allegations made against Afrika Bambaataa. He called KRS’s suggestion to ignore the allegations or separate them from Bambaataa’s Hip-Hop legacy a “slap in the face” to both rape and molestation victims.

“I condemn people like [KRS-One] for the simple fact that I’ve had a man touch me,” he says. “You can’t say, ‘oh, let’s keep it Hip-Hop.’ You can’t keep rapists safe.”

Shan goes on to question KRS’s intelligence and calls him a “manipulator,” because well, that’s what rivals do. But, Shan’s personal revelation and his take on the situation is still worth hearing out.

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