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Just two months after crowned Ian Connor, Kanye West’sstyle muse” the headlines behind the 22 year old who modeled in the Yeezy Season 3 presentation, have changed. On Friday (April 8), a woman by the name of Malika Anderson, published a lengthy and blog post accusing the model/stylist of rape.

According to Anderson, Connor rapped her two years ago, and she says she’s not the only victim. In her post titled, “Ian Connor is A Rapist And I Know First Hand,”Anderson says that she decided to come forward because her case against Connor was closed for lack of evidence.

“On October 5th 2014, I was raped by Ian Connor. Everyone always wants a name and a face and oh who did he rape and blah blah, well here I am. *One* of the many that he raped was me. Oh yeah that’s right, he’s a serial rapist.”

I am not the only one. I’m just one of the only one’s who is telling my story. In short, he is a predator. He seeks out girls on social media that he can try to “woo” or whatever and then try to fuck and if they say no, well he takes it.”

Anderson says she and Connor became friendly after she tweeted “who is Ian Connor?” in January of 2014. He replied to the tweet and they eventually started following each other on Twitter, before he asked for her phone number.

They hung out three times, Anderson says in the post. One morning in 2014, she says she invited him over. Anderson says Connor wasn’t looking for a platonic visit. After telling him she “wasn’t trying to have sex,” she says he began “begging” to give her oral sex. “Eventually, I gave in. I said, ‘fine you can give me head,’” she writes.

“About 2 minutes later”Anderson says she felt Connor’s “bare penis” penetrate her.

I was in shock at first, I was shocked and didn’t know what to do and then I pushed him off of me and I was like wtf. And he says “your p*ssy is wavy. We should’ve did this a long time ago. We could’ve been dating” and I said “wtf I told you I didn’t want to have sex and you just did it…” And he says “so you tryna say I raped you” and at the time I hadn’t even processed what had just happened and I was like ’I don’t know.

Another blog reported more than five additional rape accusers. Connor denied Anderson’s allegations, including a retweet of Yeezy’s “Bill Cosby innocent” post.


Twitter had lots to say about the rape allegations, with some defending Anderson and others standing on Connor’s side.

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