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Chris Brown has done a bang up job telling us how he feels and how he lives though social media and having cameras in his face 24/7. But a new trailer for his new documentary Welcome To My Life promises to reveal even more.

In the just under three minute clip, Chris Brown is seen entering a room where he sits alone as soundbites from interviews early in his career start to play. Video clips of him talking about his future are played alongside footage of his performances and rabid fans then appear. Brown’s famous luminaries including Usher, DJ Khaled and Jamie Foxx come on the screen talking about the moments they knew Brown was going to be the next big thing.

Then, an unidentified woman appears, almost comparing Brown’s life to Michael Jackson’s in that because fame, he had to grow up fast and did not enjoy a normal childhood. Brown himself begins to speak and then talks about dating Rihanna. More celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Terrance J appear talking about the high-profile relationship. And then, well, we all know what happens after that.

The trailer spirals into Brown’s legal troubles that have followed him ever since the night he assaulted his pop singer ex-girlfriend. Brown even admits that he “felt like a f*cking monster” and contemplated suicide because of his actions and the aftermath that followed. Brown’s mother Joyce Hawkins then appears on screen sharing that she was afraid of losing her son at one point.

Many will find irony in Brown admitting to contemplating suicide given his remarks about singer Kehlani‘s reported attempt. The trailer also shows one of the rare, if not the first time Brown has shown the remorse he has been accused of lacking over the Rihanna incident.

The trailer for Welcome To My Life also features appearances from Mike Tyson, Mary J. Blige and Rita Ora. It ends with a “coming soon” and offers no hint at a release date or platform. The Vimeo account that it appears on promises that more details will be announced. Check out the trailer below.

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