In case you were wondering, no, Kid Cudi still doesn’t “f*ck with you, musically.”

In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Kid Cudi proved why he is such a media darling, he’s always good for at least one soundbite.

When sharing his views on the current state of Hip-Hop music, Cudi pulled no punches and laid it all out:

I look around like, “This is what y’all think is the best? This sh*t is not that dope.” But I’m pretty quiet on my Twitter nowadays. I made a comment about mediocrity in music on Twitter, around the time Drake and Future put out [2015’s What A Time To Be Alive]. People were like, “Cudi’s talking sh*t!” I’m appalled any of y’all think I even sat down and listened to that sh*t. (Laughs.) I wasn’t talking about that at all! But if the shoe fits… N—s are so guilty that they know it’s them. I didn’t even know they had a project. I tweeted that, put my phone down and walked away. Next time I pick it up, I’m in the news! They say I’m ranting; a rant means you care. I don’t care like that.

Here is the tweet, that indeed was sent the same day that Drake and Future‘s What A Time To Be Alive dropped.

After dropping his indie rock album Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven in 2015, Cudder seems to getting back on his Hip-Hop sh*t, or at least his brand of it. He has dropped two singles in the last month, “Frequency” produced by Mike Dean and “All In” produced by Mike Will Made It.

And, his Twitter isn’t as quiet as it once was either, he’s had plenty to share about feeling “underappreciated,” nobody “f*cking with him,” having no friends and dropping a new album this summer.




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