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Things have not been the same at Murder Inc. since Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and his G-Unit cronies systematically destroyed the Über successful label. Artist by artist, all crumbled under the power of the titan from Queens as Irv Gotti was left with no other option but send his premier artist, Ja Rule, into the fray with hopes that he had the lyrical muscle and street credibility to annihilate the newcomers.

Needless to say, history was not on the Inc.’s side, and the company was lambasted into utter oblivion. For two years now, fans have been curious about the status of Rule’s Mirror album, the anticipated release from the Queens rapper that saw its release subjugated to musical purgatory by the Inc.’s man in charge, Irv Gotti, due mainly to his desire to “craft a classic LP.”

Now the weakened record label is attempting to resurrect its once glorious image, and much like the phoenix of myths and fables, their golden-throated hero is planning on doing the same. This time Ja is journeying alone, and though still nursing his wounds, is taking an unconventional route back to the promised land of Hip-Hop superstardom.

Now the multi-platinum artist plans on alleviating any curiosity or fan angst that may have built up since he disappeared from the public eye by finally releasing his much anticipated brainchild into the world. Instead of conventional dispersal methods, he has chosen to take an unusual avenue back into America’s collective conscience, electing to take a path that would have his long unreleased album distributed free of charge via the internet as opposed to using retail stores or e-commerce.

His seventh album, the lead single was and still is “Uh-Ohhh,” a lackluster track shared with Cash Money’s cash cow Lil’ Wayne. The expected release date is tomorrow July 31st, which is a change in itself as releases generally come out on Tuesday, but hey it’s free. And though he is still a member of the Inc., it should be noted he is coordinating this effort on his own accord.

In related Ja Rule news, troubles processing the rapper’s visa almost nixed his chance of performing in Australia. Tight Aussie immigration laws often reserve entry into the nation for those that have spotless criminal records. Aussie fans should not be sad as the concert, originally scheduled for August 25th, has been rescheduled for the 29th.