irv gotti

For better or worse when Irv Gotti speaks the culture listens. In a recent interview he says Cash Money Records is the "greatest label ever."

When former Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti went on Drink Champs in August, he gave off major creep vibes as he talked about his past sexual relationship with his signee and protege Ashanti in the early 2000s. 

Irv Gotti, dogged by complaints of him mentioning his dealings with R&B singer Ashanti, says he's done bringing her up for good.

Fat Joe appears to be trying to dead any and all beef that has materialized between him and Irv Gotti as a result of Gotti doing the absolute most during a now-infamous Drink Champs interview, during which he talked way too much about his decades-old feelings he had for Ashanti.


For the past few days social media has been roasting Irv Gotti for unnecessarily making his old affair with Ashanti the topic of discussion during Nore’s latest Drink Champs episode, and now Fat Joe has weighed in on the matter and it didn’t make Irv nor Ja Rule too happy.

Irv Gotti clearly has never gotten over Ashanti from all tea he spilled during his appearance on Drink Champs. One person who summarized the audacity of his antics is Fat Joe, who took to his Instagram Live to call out the Murder Inc. founder for his reckless oversharing.

Irv Gotti and Ja Rule appeared on the Drink Champs show, and the Murder Inc. boss spilled the beans on his relationship with Ashanti.

Booooy, it appears that Irv Gotti‘s feelings toward Ashanti go way deeper than his issue with her re-recording her albums. In fact, Gotti revealed that back when the “Foolish” singer was “Happy” and in a relationship with rapper Nelly, he was silently holding a flame for her.

Irv Gotti wants to find the next DMX or someone to bring Hip-Hop back to hits hardcore roots.

Ashanti is plotting her next move and it includes re-recording her classic albums. To no surprise Irv Gotti isn’t pleased with the idea and questioned her motives.

While he is largely recognized as one of the greatest minds in Hip-Hop Irv Gotti’s mouth has gotten him in hot water yet again. His recent comments regarding the cause of DMX’s death did not sit well with the culture.