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Irv Gotti on Drink Champs

Source: Drink Champs / Youtube

Any time Irv Gotti is on Drink Champs he is sure to go viral. The Queens native made a recent visit to the podcast and said that Jay-Z did not need Dame Dash to be successful.

The entertainment mogul sat down with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN for his third appearance on the popular podcast. The Murder Inc. Records founder spoke on several topics including the backlash he received after slandering Ashanti so excessively. Additionally, he addressed Dame Dash’s recent comments stating that Jay-Z’s “Super Ugly” response to Nas’ “Ether” was Irv Gotti’s fault. “The response, I wasn’t there for the response,” Dash said on the That’s F***ed Up Podcast. “I had landed… Irv Gotti f**ked that one up!”

When asked about Dash, Irv said bluntly “I don’t think Jay likes Dame. Did I say something that people don’t know already?” He went on to allude that Damon gets too much credit for Hova’s success. “Jay didn’t need nobody. [Dame Dash] started Roc-A-Fella with Jay and Biggs, so he should get credited. I’m saying the making of the records, I don’t know what you want me to say. Jay didn’t need nobody. Jay was picking the beats, Jay was rapping over the beats, Jay was making things. It was all Hov. Dame was along for the ride. It was a great ride.”

Elsewhere in the interview he also revealed that he cut all ties with Fat Joe after Joe called him a sucker for talking bad of Ashanti. “Once you show me who you are or you speak negatively about me, it’s over. His defense and Ja’s defense is they do shows with Ashanti, but Rule will never come out and say, ‘Gotti’s a sucker.’ Fat Joe said, ‘Oh, Gotti’s a sucker.’ I got to pull back and regress from that. Because if I was to go respond or anything with that, it could get crazy. He was on some ‘If I’m your brother I should be able to tell you when you’re wrong.’ My thing is like, you don’t know what went on with me and Ashanti.”

You can see Irv discuss Damon Dash below.