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Beyoncé brought a new wave of subscribers to Tidal with her Lemonade album. 1.2 million people to be exact.

The phrase “happy wife, happy life” has turned into “suspicious wife, rich life” for Beyoncé and Jay Z. The latest audio/visual album from the superstar entertainer was released exclusively on Tidal when it dropped and just like Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo before it, it has paid off massively.

New York Times reports:

For Beyoncé, whose sixth solo LP, Lemonade, was released on April 23, the choice was personal: Tidal, the music service her husband, Jay Z, bought in 2015 (and in which she is a partner), remains the only place to stream the album three weeks after its debut.

So far, that partnership — which benefited from speculation that Lemonade pulled back the curtain on Jay Z and Beyoncé’s rocky marriage — has resulted in 306 million global streams for songs from the album, according to data Tidal provided to The New York Times. About 75 percent of those streams (229 million) came from the United States.

During that same period (from release through Wednesday night), the hourlong conceptual film that accompanied “Lemonade” and had its premiere on HBO has been streamed 11 million times via Tidal. The most popular “Lemonade” tracks on the service include “Sorry,” which is No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100, followed by “Hold Up” (No. 16), “6 Inch” (No. 28) and “Don’t Hurt Yourself” (No. 37).

Tidal said that it gained 1.2 million user sign-ups, including free trials, in the first week that Lemonade was available; the service had said in March that it had 3 million users.

Granted, a good number of those subscribers are probably people who signed up for the free trial, and are probably going to forget to cut it off before they charged. But still, that is a lot of people to sign up for a new platform. Beyoncé is currently out on tour supporting the album and streaming numbers are expected to continue to grow.


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