On Streaming vs. Selling:

I think a big part of it is we are at such a crucial time in terns of music. The charts are already changing they’re including streaming. I still don’t necessarily agree with how they – it’s something like every thousand streams is a sale or something. I don’t know – I don’t really care about that but at least they’re making that move and I think the Grammys started making the move I think about a year ago they started voting on it – I don’t know because I’m not on the Grammy board anymore.

The wording is they can’t nominate a project unless it’s a commercial release. Because of this timing I think it was important to have these mixtapes be trilogized and be a thing that existed regardless of how the revolution goes. I know that I was not on the bus when everything was changing — I was like, “F*ck it, I’m still dropping mixtapes.” Now whatever is next I don’t really know. I’m a little turned off from making music right this second cause I’m still sick and sh*t and I just did a whole project but I know I did the three projects exactly how I wanted to and they were mixtapes and that’s where I came from.


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