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NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton had choice words for the Hip-Hop community in the wake of the shooting incident at a T.I. concert in Manhattan Wednesday night. During one of two radio interviews featuring Bratton slamming Hip-Hop artists, he said that rappers and their accomplices are “basically thugs.”

BuzzFeed News reported on Bratton’s quip, which appeared on the WCBS 880 AM station. One person was killed in the concert shooting with two others wounded, which obviously raised the ire of Bratton.

From BuzzFeed:

“The crazy world of these so-called rap artists who are basically thugs that basically celebrate violence they did all their lives, and unfortunately that violence often times manifests itself during their performances, and that’s exactly what happened last evening,” Bratton said on WCBS 880.

When anchor Wayne Cabot then asked, “it’s been a while seen we’ve seen any problems in the rap world and the thug culture,” adding, “did you think you left that behind when you were police commissioner the first time back in the 90s?”

“The background of a lot of these young people, they are significant artists in that world…but unfortunately the lifestyles that they lived…often time follows them into the entertainment world and the success they have in it,” Bratton said.

Bratton then doubled down on those comments in a WOR Radio interview, calling rappers “clowns” and “knuckleheads” embracing the “gangster lifestyle.”

We wonder if Bratton thought that the former NYPD officer caught pimping was a gangster clown knucklehead as well.

Check out NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s interview in the clip below.

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