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Blame it on holiday boredom, but Twitter is skewing Big Boi on the Bar-B today over a meme that he posted criticizing the quality of motherhood these days.

As half of the legendary rap duo Outkast, Big Boi has never shied away from sharing his views on scandalous and shady women. From 1996’s “Jazzy Belle” to UGK’s 2007 hit “International Players Anthem” Big has let it be known that there are certain ones that men should watch out for.

But in 2016 it’s not his lyrics that are causing an uproar, it’s his Instagram posts.

Early Sunday morning Big Boi posted this meme.

The post features the “Florida Evans” character from popular 1970’s sitcom Good Times on the left, and a random woman in a peculiar pose in front of her child on the right. While Big is not the first to post this meme, he is perhaps the most high-profile Instagram user to. So naturally, when he posts it, more eyes see it. And with that comes plenty of opinions. So many that he has become a trending topic on Twitter.


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