Reactions like these prove either one of two things.

1.) These people have NEVER listened to a Big Boi verse, or Outkast song outside of “B.O.B.”

2.) These people should be sleeping in on the holiday.

On “Jazze Belle” both Big and Dre rapped about women behaving like the naked woman in the meme becoming the “future mamas of our children.” Absent fathers are equally responsible for “what’s wrong with these kids,” and some Twitter users have mentioned that fact, and the irony that there is no father present in the photo either. But since we live in very literal world where the absence of the word “some” [in this case “some mothers”] is assumed to mean “all,” reactions like this aren’t too surprising.

What do you think of the meme and the backlash? Does Big Boi have a point or is he participating in “respectability politics?”


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