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Why doesn’t Common get mentioned in more “Top MC” conversations?

Common has been in this game since ’92, look at all the bullsh*t he’s been through? So called beef with you know who, f*cked a few female stars or two. But yet, as far as rap lists are concerned he is never mentioned alongside Biggie or any of the other greats.

Why is that?

The man has a 10 rap album catalog [yes, we are still counting Electric Circus], has recorded with everyone from KRS-One to Kanye West and he is responsible for one of the greatest Hip-Hop songs of all time, “I Used To Love H.E.R.

But, if you were to go out and ask a Hip-Hop listener if Common is in their “Top 5” or even their “Top 10” you may just get a response saying that he’s not even in their Top 30. Or you may get a puzzled face because that person never even considered placing Common in a “Top” anything. He never gets mentioned in the same breath as Nas although he’s made music with him, and he’s lucky if he gets listed as better than 70% of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Can a case be made for Common to be put in your “Top” list?

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