Lil Wayne

In 2007, Lil Wayne got bammed on some trumped up weapons charges for essentially being on his tour bus, sitting next to a bag that had a gun in it that was not his. Reminder, 2007 was in the middle Weezymania as he was the biggest name in rap at the time, and it was a year prior to his biggest album The Carter III hitting stores. The charges would loom over Wayne’s head for years before he was actually sentenced in 2010. In that time though Wayne continued showing his super-human abilities dropping mixtapes and recording songs and videos to keep his name hot while he was away. His rock album Rebirth dropped just one month before Wayne started serving his sentence and it got mixed reviews. Cash Money would release another album, I Am Not A Human Being, while Wayne was locked up and it wound up becoming the first #1 Billboard album from an incarcerated artist since 2Pac’s Me Against The World. Wayne wound up serving less than a year in jail but in that time his protoges Drake and Nicki Minaj began coming into their own. His first album out of jail, 2011’s The Carter 4, broke iTunes download records and would go multi-platinum.

Verdict: Hung Jury. Lil Wayne going to jail didn’t seem to have any real impact, good or bad, on his career.. His albums continued to sell and he hit the ground running when he got out. The most that can be said is that Wayne hasn’t released another official album since Carter IV.

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