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Word is that Post Malone is “going in more of a rock/pop/country direction.” Should we be surprised?

Texas “rapper” Post Malone has never shied away from his country music roots, despite being put on the map for a rap song called “White Iverson” where he raps and sings about “swagging.” If it wasn’t obvious enough, the song title is inspired from him being a white guy with braids, like the very urban Allen Iverson.

Judging from his very calculated image, he obviously considered himself a Hip-Hop artist at some point. But as his popularity grew we found out some other things about the artist. Like, he wasn’t always “swagging.”

When this undated video of Malone dancing around in booty shorts surfaced online, his already shaky authenticity was called into question even more. Sure, even some of the greats in Hip-Hop have a past that involved questionable clothing and wack music, but this right here though?

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