The American Red Cross thought they were slick but literally got caught peeing in the pool when they put out a not-so-subliminally racist poster stressing pool safety.

According to the poster, no pool with Black people in it is safe or “cool.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 1.18.54 PM

As you can see, roughly 90 percent of the people of color on the poster are engaged in some sort of “not cool” activity at the pool. We see one kid pushing another in the pool, one jumping head first and another running. We’re not sure what the kid in the middle of the pool is doing other than swimming, but apparently he’s not “cool” either. The kid with the sunglasses with a drink in his hand looks pretty cool to us, but not according to Red Cross standards. The only people of color that seem to be in the clear are the lifeguard and the kids having fun with their White friends.

The poster as spotted twice at two different Red Cross locations in Colorado. A concerned citizen named John Sawyer brought the racial undertones to the Red Cross’ attention on Twitter.

Photo: Twitter

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