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How does it feel seeing a person who owes you money bragging about sleeping with $1 million cash in their mattress every night? Ask Lil Wayne.

In case you missed it, Lil Wayne‘s estranged “father” and allegedly shiesty boss Birdman appeared on ESPN’s Highly Questionable on Tuesday afternoon and shared some of the ways he’s spent his (and other people’s) money over the years.

Lil Wayne, who is currently suing Birdman’s Cash Money Records for millions in unpaid royalties and advance money, didn’t take too kindly to Birdman’s statements. In fact, Wayne who has been a guest on the show himself and has appeared on ESPN numerous times called Birdman and the show into question altogether.

He tweeted, “highly questionably is hiiiiiighly questionable today.” He typed six lowercase i’s which is equivalent to three uppercase I’s. So he must really be concerned.

According to his Twitter stats, more than 9,000 people seem to agree.

Photo: Instagram