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Questlove has come to the rescue of yet another popular artist who gave a highly questionable tribute to a deceased legend. This time he is defending Rich Homie Quan’s desecration of Biggie’s “Get Money” verse.

After defending Madonna for her Prince “tribute” at the Billboard awards, Questlove has now come to the defense of one Rich Homie Quan for his performance that he is currently getting dragged for.

The social media savvy drummer offered this to say:

See a lot of y’all catchin feelings over the “Get Money” ball drop from #HipHopHonors. But check it….A lot of you “real hip hop heads” seem to magically think that the music of our prime is gonna just translate on dopeness alone. I mean EVERYbody should know this song right? It’s the Hood National Anthem. Even Big’s rival had to reference “Get Money” to clap back at him. So how it all fall apart? I don’t blame RHQ. I blame us. I don’t mean shame on radio & media programmers either for these diminished returns. I literally mean you and I.

We are to blame. We watch what we eat (well “some of us 😏) but won’t treat the music we consume like we do food. You need BALANCE! If you haven’t made a playlist for about 20-50 people in your lifetime (mixtape/spotify/tidal/apple/etc) then you failed hip hop culture. –not sayin you gotta be all deep making Dilla b side Japanese import levels of stuff. But something as simple as “La Di Da Di” can easily be forgotten in these days & times. YOU gotta pay it forward! America is a disposable art society that makes genius innovations only to toss out yesterday’s creations tomorrow. And the way we mass consume entertainment, it’s a wonder we can separate quality from trash.

Do you agree with Questlove? Do feel it is your responsibility as a Hip-Hop head to pass down the classics via streaming service playlists?

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