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Chelsea Mayes, a Black Tennessee woman, and a group of friends patronized a local restaurant and had no idea that the waitress who served them used racist slurs to describe them. Although the worker has since been fired after taking to social media with her insults, Ms. Mayes’ classy response was quite the surprise.

As reported by the Daily New Journal, Mayes and friends Bryce Holmes, Denzel and Montel Epperson, and Nitra Kent visited Cheddar’s restaurant in Murfreesboro last Sunday. Although Hayes was unaware that the server at Cheddar’s went to Snapchat and wrote the phrase “I am so hungover. And I have a section full of n—–s right now,” she claims the server joked and smiled with the group.

From the DNJ:

She said the group often goes to Cheddar’s after church and she thought they made a connection with their server.

“She was a great waitress,” Mayes said. “She did a good job, made jokes with us, laughed with us. We had a good time.”

Seeing what the server wrote later “made me second-guess everything,” Mayes said. ”Now I wonder, is this how she felt the whole time? What if she did something to our food? What else did she say about us?”

The server was fired as soon as management learned of the post.

What Mayes did afterward was remarkable.

Instead of responding with anger or venom, Mayes took the high road in a Facebook post.

“This ‘n—–‘ is pretty nice,” said Mayes on her Facebook page. “This ‘n—–‘ actually enjoyed your company. This ‘n—–‘ is praying for you. This ‘n—–‘ loves you and there isn’t anything you can do about it.”

Mayes told DNJ that years back, it would have been a far different response but felt that her faith informed her to take another path. She also graciously invited the fired server to her Sunday School class and said she’s truly not angry at the woman.

Kudos to Chelsea Mayes doing what most can’t or won’t do on their best of days. The response can be viewed below.


Photo: Facebook