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George Zimmerman caught a punch in the face in a Sanford, Fla. restaurant for allegedly bragging about killing unarmed Black teen, Trayvon Martin. With news that Charleston shooter Dylann Roof was delivered the fade and the neck taper in prison breaking earlier today, Twitter is lit as expected over the news that Zimmerman also caught an eye jammy.

According to local outlet WFTV’s report and witness accounts, Zimmerman and a friend called 911 after the former faux night patrolman walked up to an unnamed patron inside the Gators Riverside restaurant and announced himself by saying, “My name is George Zimmerman, you know, that guy who killed Trayvon Martin.”

More from WFTV:

Channel 9 obtained the calls made by George Zimmerman and his friend.

911 dispatcher: “What started the argument?”

Zimmerman: “He recognized me. He told me he was going to kill me he told me he’d (expletive) shoot me and he punched me in the face.”

Zimmerman claimed he was explaining to people sitting at a table that he shot Trayvon Martin in self- defense when a large man approached and asked, “You’re bragging about that?” before punching him Zimmerman in the face.

Zimmerman: “This man just punched me in the face.”

Dispatcher: “Is he still there?”

Zimmerman: “Yup. He said he’s going to kill me. You need to send like three or four cops.”

Zimmer, who has exhibited he’s pretty much a trash human being since being acquitted of Martin’s killing, definitely isn’t getting any pity on Twitter right now. We’ve collected the best of the slander and reactions below and on the following pages. Let us know what we’ve missed in the comments.

We should also mention that today is President Barack Obama’s birthday. Perfect timing?

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