Nate Parker gained a gazillion Black points when he set out to create the rebel slave Nat Turner’s biopic, A Birth Of A Nation. But now that Twitter is finding out that he has a white wife, Sarah Disanto, and now he’s losing those points.

The “news” broke when it was announced that Nate Parker was becoming a father for the fourth time today. As the “news” that his wife Sarah Disantoof, of nine years just gave birth, pictures of them together caught some of Twitter off guard. Apparently, not many people knew that Parker had been married for nine years to his college sweetheart Sarah DiSanto.

People are up in arms of course because, an actor who has played in every other race-driven drama where Black people have to prove they are just as good as White people and then turns around and makes a Nat Turner movie can’t have a White wife, yo.

Check out some of the reactions to the “news” of Parker having a White wife.

Photo: Twitter

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