Troy Ave being seen licking off shots in Irving Plaza was not the best look for NYC Hip-Hop. Nevertheless, the Brooklyn rapper, who is out on bail and banned from all performance venues, is suing Irving Plaza for allowing a gun to get into the building. 

Yes, you read that right.

According to DNAInfo New York:

The rapper, whose real name is Roland Collins, is set to announce the lawsuit on Monday afternoon in front of Irving Plaza, where gunfire broke out in a backstage room on May 25.

Security guards employed by Irving Plaza, owned by Live Nation Worldwide, allowed Troy Ave and other artists into the venue through a VIP entrance located on the side of the venue without checking for weapons by patting down, using a wand, a metal detector or any other security device, according to the draft complaint.

One of the rapper’s lawyers, Scott Leemon, said he filed the lawsuit in the Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday.

Troy Ave, who’s out on $500,000 bail awaiting trial on murder charges, claims in the lawsuit that he did not bring any weapons into the venue, nor did anyone associated with him, and any weapon recovered was brought in by an unnamed third party.

On principal, Troy does have a point—the lax security for celebs did lead to him getting shot.

However, homie was caught on camera firing a gun with people cowering around him. Also, he shot himself in the leg after allegedly wrestling the gun away from the assailant, which you can bet will be part of his own attempted murder case.

Troy Ave is seeking an as yet unspecified amount in damages, and legal fees.

Bruh, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. The real winner here is Troy Ave’s lawyer.


Photo: screen cap

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