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Colin Kaepernick‘s political stance and silent protest ignited a furious debate over the right to free speech and the ongoing conversation about race in America. President Barack Obama defended Kaepernick’s right to protest by saying it adds to the discussion but bigoted trolls online banded together and hurled racist insults towards the pair.

The chatter began Labor Day Monday when President Obama spoke at the news conference at the G20 Summit and said that Kaepernick should be allowed to employ his constitutional rights to freedom of speech and that he’s performing a role many sports figures have done so in the past. Despite this, Twitter was full of users recklessly calling Obama and Kaepernick the “n-word” and other colorful terms.

We’ve collected some of the jackassery below and on the following pages. But the question we have is this: whenever a Black person, celebrity or not, chooses nonviolent protests to call out injustice in this country, what is American about calling them everything but a child of God? We’re not going to wait for the answer or that because we already know what it is. Shameful.

Here’s an example of the foolery:

And here’s this rocket scientist:

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