Brandy honored her idol with her own thrilling take on the American national anthem, prompting Twitter to react as positively.

Berry, who is a medal-winning world record holder in the hammer throw event, protested the National Anthem during a medal ceremony at the trials and MAGA Twitter is highly upset as expected.

Adding to the performative responses by national brands, the sports league's decision feels as hollow as the rest of them.

In a spectacular display of willful ignorance, the New Orleans Saints quarterback said in a new interview that he will not support any NFL player who takes a knee during the raising of the flag during the National Anthem.

Colin Kaepernick is still throwing deep bombs but unfortunately, they’re not coming from inside the pocket anymore. The free-agent quarterback and activist seemingly took a swipe at Jay-Z and Beyoncé for sitting during the singing of the National Anthem during Super Bowl LIV.

Gladys Knight has been tapped to sing the National Anthem ahead of the upcoming Super Bowl LIII game in Atlanta, seizing the moment as a means to unite the country. The veteran vocalist issued a statement regarding her appearance at the game, which also reflected on Colin Kaepernick‘s protests in a seemingly critical light as […]

Eric Reid, one of the more notable free agents in the NFL until recently joining the Carolina Panthers, nearly administered a fade ahead of his team’s contest against the Philadelphia Eagles. The target of Reid’s rage was Malcolm Jenkins, whom he called a “sell out” regarding the handling of the National Anthem protests.

NFL Sunday games are big business for many sports bars across the nation, but one such establishment is willing to lose out on huge profits for a rather petty reason. The bar in Brooksville has decided to cancel its DirecTV NFL package over player protests of the National Anthem and instead will offer a discount […]

Prescott came out in support of Jerry Jones on Friday (July 27) and supported the demand made by the team owner that players stand for the anthem. As expected, it didn’t go over too well with many.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones introduced a harsh rule that his players must stand for the National Anthem ahead of games despite new rules the NFL is set to introduce which may be more lenient. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott backed up his owner, saying protests for the anthem are out of place and take away […]

Back in May, the NFL announced a strict ban on protests during the playing of the National Anthem ahead of games, a move that was widely panned by experts and fans alike. Just after the Miami Dolphins announced this week that peaceful protests of the anthem could garner punishment, the NFL and its player’s union […]

Adam “Pacman” Jones might have earned some hood cred after delivering an exquisite and well-deserved fade inside ATL airport, but he’s undoing all that goodwill with a newly surfaced clip. The free agent cornerback told TMZ Sports that he’s no fan of the NFL National Anthem protests and wants them to find another way to […]