Atlanta has already proven itself worthy of Hollywood’s attention; the city itself and the show named after it. After a phenomenal first week on FX — over a million viewers — Earn and his squad continue the clever conversation steeped in dry wit and authenticity this week.

“Go For Broke” opens with our protagonist attempting to cop a kids’ meal from one of the city’s staple spots, Zesto’s — another small detail that didn’t go unnoticed by longtime residents of the A. As he haggles with the overzealous, newly made manager over whether or not she ought to sell a grown man a child’s portion, it’s clear that his cousin/client Paper Boi hasn’t hit that rap lick just yet.

Earn heads to Paper’s crib, bumping Kodak Black’s “SKRT” and shielding his head from the rain with his work blazer. Over a blunt and video games, Earn talks money with his cousin while their spaced out homie Darius irons out crushed bills, no doubt collected from desperate two-second drug deals. “I sell drugs. It’s lucrative.” Paper shares. “It’s how we pay for studio time, clothes, videos and weed without a lame ass job.”

Money versus happiness seems to be the running theme with Earn throughout this episode. He manages to piss off Vanessa, the mother of his child, again. So he offers to take her out on a date. Yes, their odd “I love you but you don’t understand where I am” relationship is still going.


Photo: screen cap

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