In other news, Earn wakes up looking down the barrel of a gun, literally and figuratively. His mission for the day is to pawn a phone and hopefully get some bread off it. Enough to begin paying Vanessa back slowly. Darius convinces him that he can flip the money, trade the phone in for a samurai sword and end up with more bread in the end. This results in the two heading on a journey around the metro area. Still Earn ends up frustrated by evening after hearing that he wouldn’t see the profit for a season or two, thanks to Darius’s “foresight.”

Donning a “Keep On Keeping On” tee shirt, Earn loses hope. “Are you joking?” he asks, incredulous. “See… I’m poor Darius. And poor people don’t have time for investments because poor people are too busy trying not to be poor.” Darius makes the connection, finally, and offers his phone up to be traded in. “I get a new one every month anyway so ‘they’ don’t track me,” he shrugs, then says matter-of-factly, “We’re friends now.”

Good to have good people in your corner. Paper still needs that follow-up hit though.

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