Since last week the Game and Meek Mill have been caught in a nasty back-n-forth battle that’s resulted in lots of social media slander and some respectable diss records from both Meek Mill (about time) and Chuck Taylor. But the recent murder of unarmed Black motorist, Terence Crutcher, at the hands of police officers in Tulsa, Oklahoma has the Compton rapper reassessing his stance in the unnecessary rap beef.

TMZ caught up with The Game in the Big Apple where he admits that while falling back on the battle is only going to make him “look bipolar” (Game does have a history of going hot and cold and hot again with past rivals) he’s beginning to realize that Black men need unity in these days of racial inequality.

Being torn between living the Black Lives Matter way of life and continuing his beef with Meek Mill, Game says “something gotta be done” about Meek Mill’s allegedly snitching, but falls short of saying what would be done.

Check out the clip below and sound off on how you think the situation should be resolved.

Photo: screen cap

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