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The first of the presidential debates took place Monday night and by most accounts Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton easily won the debate over Republican foe Donald Trump, who some say may have been sniffing the finest Colombian bam bam. Naturally, the jokes and memes went flying on Twitter with plenty of focus on Trump’s flameout.

The debate was held at Hofstra University in New York to a packed auditorium. NBC’s Lester Holt served as the moderator and did what he could although the debate was testy. While Clinton sounded prepared and poised to lead, Trump sounded unorganized and unprepared in comparison. Instead of facts or talking points, Trump fell back on loud rants about jobs and name dropping every city or country he has property.

Twitter was on fire last night and this morning in regards to the debate. We’ve collected the best memes and jokes from Donald Trump’s sniffling debate loss below and on the following pages.

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