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Jay Z dropped/shared a new TIDAL playlist that will have old-school/classic Hip-Hop music fans nodding along in appreciation. Titled “Brick Phone,” Hova compiled classics fro Big Daddy Kane, Boogie Down Productions, Slick Rick, The D.O.C., Ice Cube and more.

Starting with BDP’s “My Philosophy,” the list is NYC heavy (Run-DMC gets four songs) but the South (U.G.K, Pocket Full Of Stones,” and West Coast (The D.O.C. “It’s Funky Enough,” N.W.A “Straight Outta Compton”) get shine, too.

These are all cuts Jay Z likely listened to constantly, and surely inspired him to became an MC. A rapper taking cues from those that came before him, in order to excel himself? Go figure.

Listen to the “Brick City” playlist below.

Photo: TIDAL