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T.I. continues his mission of waking up his listeners and educating them about the world around them, and the one he comes from.

With his political line in the sand US Or Else still making waves online, T.I. is adding fuel to the fire with an appearance in VEVO’s “Why I Vote” campaign.

In the video T.I. talks about the disproportionate rate at which people of color have been locked up behind bars on drug charges, especially for crack cocaine. Stiff laws that were passed in the 1980s during the government’s “War On Drugs” resulted in many Black crack dealers getting locked away for decades when it was ruled that, as T.I. explains, “10 grams of crack is equal to a kilo of cocaine.”

T.I. talks in detail about the effect that these laws had on inner city communities and even insisted that Black and poor people did not invent crack cocaine.

“Nobody just learned how to put baking soda with water in cocaine to make a cheaper version that’s more potent,” says the “Rubberband Man.” “We ain’t no d*mn chemists. We didn’t come up with that.”

He goes on to liken the “War On Drugs” to slavery as families were destroyed and separated in the same fashion.

T.I. is the latest high-profile rapper to offer their thoughts on the “War On Drugs” that has essentially become known as “the war on Blacks.” Jay Z dropped his own op-ed video with The New York Times in September.

Peep what T.I. has to say below.