War on Drugs


For decades the government’s “War On Drugs” has been seen as a façade that lets authorities abuse and arrest minorities under the assumption that they’re somehow involved in the drug trade simply based on race and prejudice. This is a fact.

T.I. continues his mission of waking up his listeners and educating them about the world around them, and the one he comes from.

When it comes to weed busts in America, Black people are targeted more often than Whites. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Cory Booker is still upset with the on-going war on drugs, one which he feels is a losing battle. In a post on the forum Reddit.com, the Newark, N.J. mayor slammed the federal government for failing to regulate drug use in America.  “The so called War on Drugs has not succeeded in making significant reductions […]

Just like Hip-Hop can provide the soundtrack to your partying or excess living, it should also maintain an option to provide education, too. Killer Mike is skilled in all aspects of rhyme influence and one of the most remarkable cuts on his critically acclaimed R.A.P. Music album is “Reagan.” The Atlanta rapper verbally lays out […]

The “War on Drugs” continues to rage into yet another decade, with drug czars reigning supreme over those that do not have enough support, will, or authority to do anything about their violent antics. In an increasingly bloody affair, Mexican President Felipe Calderón  is making good on his promise to increase the military presence of […]