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For decades the government’s “War On Drugs” has been seen as a façade that lets authorities abuse and arrest minorities under the assumption that they’re somehow involved in the drug trade simply based on race and prejudice. This is a fact.

Public radio reporter Christopher Johnson has decided to do his part in educating the masses on this legal crime in and upon the urban community and is hosting a six-part Audible Original Series named 100:1 Crack Legacy. The series delves into the subject in detail and points out just how racist and biased this “drug campaign” truly is.

Aside from looking at how this law affected the lives of the people caught up in the racial discrimination that is the war on drugs, it also explains how it has hurt the Black community in general both mentally and financially.

Check out the mini-series below on Audible Channels and let us know your feelings on the topic.

  1. Autopsy No. 86-99
  2. 100:1
  3. The 202
  4. Inmate #06831-424
  5. 500 Names
  6. 37th & 8th

Photo: Courtesy of Audible Original