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Those you holding your breath to see a Notorious B.I.G. hologram can start to exhale. Plans are in order for Biggie to be brought back to life in 2017.

In a Billboard feature talking about the management of Biggie’s estate by his mother Voletta Wallace, ex-wife Faith Evans and former manager Wayne Barrow, it was revealed the the oft-delayed figure is closer to fruition.

Billboard writes:

Now, as the 20th anniversary of Big’s death approaches, Wallace and her team are teeing up projects. They include a documentary created by Evans and featuring footage of Big in the studio and at home, along with a companion album called The King & I consisting of duets with Evans, remixes and unreleased verses (both are scheduled for March 2017); an animated series, Think B.I.G., produced by Mass Appeal and airing on TBS, which will focus on his life as told through his own lyrics (says Barrow: “It’s King of the Hill meets Fat Albert”); and a hologram, developed in conjunction with ARHT Media…For now, the hologram is set to be part of the first video Evans releases from The King & I, and could be used in a live setup as well. But its practical applications go even further. “Hypothetically, if a brand wanted to use it in a commercial, to sponsor a tour or an idea, if it was something in the neighborhood where he grew up or in a venue that was familiar to people or his lyrics — we’re thinking from that perspective,” Barrow says. “We have the opportunity to take him to places that he’s never been before, but where he’s revered nonetheless: Japan, China, London.”

Biggie‘s posthumous legacy has lived longer than his actual career as a rapper. In a way, he’s been a hologram in the figurative sense for almost 20 years. Some fans have expressed that hologram rappers are more eerie than they are enjoyable.

Where do you stand? Would you pay to see a Biggie hologram?