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Talib Kweli sat down with author Baratunde Thurston to talk gun control and reveals the first time he saw a gun. The answer may surprise you.

If you listen to his music, or follow him on Twitter, then you know that Talib Kweli has absolutely no problem speaking his mind on current events and issues. One of his favorite issues to speak on is gun control and violence.

Kweli, who says he is non-violent, shared his thought on his anti-war and anti-violence stances. But he also shared a story about the first time he ever saw a gun.

“I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, but the first time I saw a gun was in a affluent town in Connecticut,” he says.

Kweli revealed that he was sent away to a boarding school after he kept getting in trouble and skipping school in his hometown. He says once he got there, he and other teens were welcomed by locals who threw rocks and beer cans at them, which he said he could understand since they were outsiders coming into their town and getting preferential treatment. But he says that understanding changed once weapons got involved.

Listen to him share this crazy story and more below.

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