Pink Dolphin, a reputable and well-respected streetwear brand, recently teamed with Puma to create a fresh collection. We spoke to the designers, Cena Barhaghi and Neima Khaila, for some insight into their collab with Puma., which can be found at Footaction, upon the release of its second collection with the brand, out now. 

The inspiration behind the collection is pink and blue coastal hues, which team well the the streetwear pieces in the collection that include tees, shorts and as for the kicks, the Puma Suede Mid and the Blaze of Glory.

“We organically started working with Puma,” said Neima Khaila. “This particular collaboration is part two of the collaboration we did earlier this year. The first one was based around a soccer capsule, this one is more based on running. We got the Blaze of Glory and then the clothes are based around that—it’s all tech, runner stuff.”

The collection was based off deep see coral colors and underwater colors. The inspiration for the color palette came first, then it was all about applying it Puma gear.


“I really like the black joints, you can wear it with a lot of stuff,” said Barfhaghi. “It’s really versatile. We wanted to blend the athletic vibe with lifestyle. Just being able to wear it in different environments. Just having a versatile capsule was real important for us.”— B of G is favorite model.


See more of the Puma Pink Dolphin Collection below and on the following pages. If you want to cop, right here.


Photo: aqua, Footaction

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