Colin Kaepernick‘s first game back as a starting QB got off to a rocky start thanks to ignorant “American” Buffalo Bills fans.

Kaepernick has been under intense scrutiny since the NFL preseason when he started kneeling during the national anthem as a silent protest against police brutality and oppression of minorities in America. When it was announced earlier this week that Kaepernick would be taking back his job as the leader of the San Francisco 49ers everyone from Chuck D to Minister Louis Farrakhan pledged their backing support. Even some fans of the Buffalo Bills team he was playing against sent him well wishes, but not all of them.

Outside of New Era Field groups of fans could be seen wearing and selling anti Colin Kaepernick memorabilia ranging from t-shirts to beer koozies.

Fans also made signs showing their disgust for Kaepernick, going as far to misspell his name as “Colon.”

Then, someone put a Kaepernick jersey on a tackle dummy and made up a game called “tackle the Muslim.” First, Kaepernick has never came out and said that he is a Muslim. Two, please tell us that wasn’t a Black woman who tackled the dummy. Please somebody get their cousin.

Photo: Twitter

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