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Over the weekend, Lifetime aired  Michel’le‘s intense Surviving Compton film, which revealed the R&B singer’s turbulent past with Dr. Dre. Twitter has banded together and has been tearing apart the producer’s domestic violence past in unrelenting fashion.

The film, which stars Rhyon Nicole Brown as Michel’le, highlights much of the romance the singer had with Dre during the early rise of their musical careers. The film was announced earlier this year, and Dre reportedly filed a cease and desist letter to the film’s creators over the violent depiction of their relationship. The pair had a son together in 1991, and Michel’le later married Dre’s rival, Suge Knight, in 1999.

All weekend long, Twitter has aimed a variety of vicious barbs towards Dre and the slander was thicker than normal considering both Michel’le and former music show host Dee Barnes both had run-ins with Dre in the past. We’ve collected some of the best zingers below and on the following pages. If we’ve missed any, let us know in the comments.

Photo: Michel’le

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