When will people learn that 50 Cent’s fountain of petty will never run dry? Young Buck was reminded yet again of this cold fact.

In the wake of Brett Kavanaugh‘s Supreme Court nomination and the weird #HimToo response to the still-surging #MeToo movement, a mother took to Facebook to own the Libs in defense of her son’s dating habits. It hasn’t worked out too well for the mom or her military son online, and the slander she invited has […]

It’s probably a good idea if Scaff Beezy never mentions his ex-girlfriend again after this roasting. To be fair, we’ve included tweets from folks blasting Nicki Minaj for her alleged domestic violence. Stay tuned.

Wiz Khalifa has seemingly angered many in the Korean community after a lyric from his “Hot Now” track referenced the eye shape of those from the Asian nation. Tyga, who is of Asian descent, gave the all-clear to the Pittsburgh stoner and doesn’t think it should that big of a deal.

Florida rapper XXXTentacion claims that the Migos jumped him in Los Angeles and he took to video to drag Cardi B into the beef for some reason.

Chrisette Michele endured the dragging of life after coming to the defense of Trump supporting singer Tina Campbell on Twitter.

ESPN's First Take co-host Stephen A. Smith hates marijuana with a notable passion, and went on a classic rant that Twitter clowned viciously.

Taiwan Jones probably didn’t think he’d become a trending topic on Twitter, especially for the reasons that follow. The alleged Howard University student discovered the hard way that he failed a midterm exam via a Twitter user, which prompted a series of hilarious responses.

After Bow Wow, AKA Shad Moss, posted an image of himself as part of the Death Row Records roster, Twitter users reacted with hilarious results.

Gilbert Arenas lived up to his "no chill" nickname by outing adult actress Mia Khalifa and sharing a screenshot of her DM slides via Instagram.

Amanda Seales got Twitter riled up Monday morning after she posted the folks who don't have passports yet spend money on expensive items got it wrong.

Wendy Williams fired back a shot at T.I., who posted a photo of the TV host in a bikini that went viral. Williams threw Tip's wife, Tiny, under the bus too.