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Gilbert Arenas is back to living up to his “No Chill Gil” nickname, this time taking to Instagram for more of his zany antics. The former pro basketball star put former adult actress and sports enthusiast Mia Khalifa on blast after a series of thirsty DMs she sent to Arenas went unanswered then posted them in a screenshot for the ‘Gram.

Khalifa, a known Washington sports fan, tested the DM waters last week and tried to see if she could get Agent Zero to bite on her offer for drinks on Oct. 2. After that went ignored, Khalifa tried once more to get on Arenas’ good side, this time with an emoji of two wine glasses with a question mark.  She then tried another slide and asked Arenas about an upcoming Washington Capitols game before giving up with a “no love for the DC fam” message over the course of a few days.

In typical Arenas fashion, he posted the one-sided convo with the following caption:

@miakhalifa would slide in my dm #fortheD…the thirst is real since backpage is gone…this #Bihhh has no room for negotiations with me.. $150 or you better slide into #nelly dm for that raw d*ck behind a #walmart

Pretty savage, Gil.

Since Khalifa has a habit of doing the same with athletes and rappers like Drake, it probably was a bit of justice for those who felt wronged by her exposure. Apparently, the two have history, but it looks like Arenas isn’t here for the shenanigans.

Peep some of the reactions online to a cryptic tweet Khalifa made that might or might not be referencing Gilbert Arenas slandering her below and on the following pages.


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