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Amanda Seales, formerly known as Amanda Diva, apparently wants to live up to her old stage name after clapping at folks who buy Air Jordan and Nike products over other investments. As a result, Twitter users hit back with the slander against Seales’ seemingly well-meaning, if abrasive, stance and now she’s become a trending topic on the social media network.

Seales, who stars as the ultra-bougieTiffany DuBois on HBO’s hit series Insecure, essentially blasted out a series of tweets shaming folks for purchasing Jordans and Nikes over essential needs like a proper bed, building credit, and other financially responsible angles. Seales has bravely taken on the slander that’s come her way as a result, with someone noting Jay-Z talked about the idea of wealth building on his recent 4:44 album but criticizing the actress’ approach.

No matter how you slice it, Seales’ delivery might be what put some folks off and they’re letting her have it right now. We’ve collected the best of the responses below and on the following pages, including Seales initial missives. She does have a point about air mattresses, though.


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