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Chrisette Michele has tethered herself to the struggle bus line once more, this time aligning with a fellow Trump lover. After coming to fellow vocalist Tina Campbell‘s defense via social media, fans on Twitter have been slicing and dicing Michele’s struggle caping since the weekend.

Michele wrote in support of Campbell via a lengthy Instagram post that pointed out “choice shaming” over the Mary Mary star’s decision to vote for Trump.

From Michele’s IG:

While hot water surrounds any political choice I know you’ve followed your convictions. You thought that from your Christian perspective, sticking to your roots was the way. While I don’t support “Trump”, I support your cry of love over the years. Your music has brought me closer to the Father and healed my heart from the first time you sang. I stepped on the stage to sing before a crowd I didn’t agree with, having the intention to heal, unify, be a voice. We can disagree with out dividing. We can love each other with different views and perspectives.

On cue, Twitter users chimed in with the reminders and receipts that any kind gesture to the Orange Overlord of Chaos is a slap in the face of true peace-loving people and those who truly want justice for all. Essentially, supporting Trump goes against all that “love the world” stuff Michele is trying to sell folks on in her post.

It’s been a tough go of it on social media for Michele, who went public about getting dropped from her label and suffering a miscarriage, for which we do offer condolences.

We’ve collected the most explosive slander we could find on Twitter of folks letting Chrisette Michele have it below and on the following pages.


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