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Let’s just get one thing clear. ESPN’s Steven A. Smith really hates marijuana, aka the sticky icky, aka the wacky tobaccy, aka reefer. Smith went on one of his signature rants on First Take to decry former NBA commissioner David Stern’s suggestion that medical marijuana is allowed for players in the league and Twitter is letting the host have it.

Smith’s rant took place Thursday (Oct. 26) morning on First Take during a segment speaking of Stern’s recent comments on weed during an interview with former player Al Harrington on Uninterrupted. While current commissioner Adam Silver has shown some interest in the medical application of the leaf, Screamin’ A. Smith lost his top over the issue.

“[D]on’t support it at all in terms of the NBA legalizing it,” Smith said. “If states want to legalize it, so be it. They want to tax it, so be it. But I don’t believe that a paying customer should take hard-earned money out of their pockets to patronize an NBA product, to walk to a game and see some dudes walking up courtside high. I don’t believe that.”

Smith goes on to say he’s seen players on the sidelines stoned and unresponsive to coaches, which got a signature “Hell no!” from the host.

Twitter has been clapping the gat at Stephen A. Smith’s Say No To Weed rant all Thursday and we’ve got the best of the slander below and on the next pages.

Photo: Screen Cap/YouTube

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