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Suspected racist and sexual assaulter Donald Trump tried to earn some points by kissing a little Black girl at his most recent rally. She looked traumatized. 

Someone please send out an APB on the parents of this little girl. They should questioned on grounds of child abuse and neglect.

At a rally in Green Bay, Wis. Trump pointed out an adorable little girl and suggested that she come join him on stage. Obviously, the little girl had no say in the matter because she is still a child. However, her parents sent her on up there to stand next to and then be picked up by the man who hesitated in distancing himself from a Ku Klux Klan endorsement and believes that you can grope women just because you’re famous.

In what is perhaps the oldest trick in the politician book, Trump kissed the baby. But here, the child peeped what was going on and tried her best to not take part in it. Peep how she pulls her head back as Trump tries to go in. She does it again when Trump goes in for a repeat kiss.

She pointed out her parents when Trump asked where they were at. They should’ve been put on camera too so that the world can see what questionable parenting looks like.

Someone pray for this little girl and see to it that she is bathed and scrubbed in holy water.

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