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DJ Mustard says he’d rather spin at EDM festivals because fans at Hip-Hop shows because people are too cool to dance.

DJ Mustard has given the world a handful of party tracks, but in his travels, he’s noticed that it’s not the Hip-Hop crowds that give him the most energy.

In an interview with Billboard the DJ/producer talked about the difference between playing for EDM fans and Hip-Hop fans.

“Hip-Hop crowds is just like this,” he says, holding up his hand, mimicking a person holding up their phone. “EDM crowds is just mosh pits, people going crazy. Kids on top of kids, it’s just wild.”

He continues, “the Hip-Hop crowds everyone just wants to be cool…they’re just looking for the WORLDSTAR moment.”

The guy does make a point. We’re sure you can count on multiple hands the times your view at a Hip-Hop show was blocked by someone filming just to put it on social media. Whether it’s Drake disses, Kanye rants or Beyonce Shawty Lo tributes, Hip-Hop fans keep their phones out to catch moments as they happen.

Sometimes it’s cool, other times it can be annoying. But let’s not act like EDM shows don’t have their issues as well. The idea of jumping around with strangers high off who knows what may not be fun for everyone.

What do you think of Mustard’s remarks?

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