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Hillary Clinton is really turning it up for the Black vote. Watch as her cameras go to a random Black barbershop and show who is supposedly voting for her.

After securing the support of Pusha T and Jay Z is stepping up her Black outreach efforts by entering a place that no White woman has ever set foot in before, a Black barbershop.

Well, she didn’t actually enter it herself, she sent her cameras there.

On the short clip we can see and hear Black people with no names, at a barbershop with no location, saying they are voting  for Hillary.

“Let’s go Hillary, that’s my opinion,” says the first face in the video. From there other nameless customers say they are voting for Hillary because she has the resume and experience for the job.

After that, we get to hear from nameless women, in a salon with no location, saying the same.

One says that Hillary gives “respect to every single individual” while another infers that Trump will run the company like a business, instead of a country made up of human beings.

From there we get to hear from another gentleman who says “a non-vote is a vote for Trump.”


Obviously, the Clinton campaign is pulling out all the stops to get Black people to really side with her as the election is just days away. But is this how you do it? Go to a random barbershop without naming it and it’s location and just getting some random dudes the rest of the country doesn’t know to say they are voting for you?

Also, why wasn’t Clinton there? If they had the time to produce this, why wouldn’t she have the time to show up, if this Black barbershop vote is so darn important to her? At least when Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence decided to go to a barbershop for votes, he actually went. Granted, it didn’t go to well for him and they didn’t know who he was, but at least he showed up.

But shout out to whoever did set design for this production. The fried chicken placement in the background is very authentic.

Photo: Screenshot