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Talk about kicking a man when he’s down. Coolio had to stand before a judge to hear his fate after getting caught at the airport with a gun, and get his hair critiqued. 

Court is never a fun place to be, that is unless you are the judge holding people’s fate in your hands.

Rapper Coolio plead guilty to possession of a concealed weapon in court Wednesday after getting caught with a gun in his bag at LAX airport. He won’t face any jail time, but he was sentenced to three years probation and must commit 45 days of community service.

A sigh of relief there.

However, Coolio didn’t escape the court without getting his hairstyle acknowledged. Midway through the sentencing, the judge took a moment to bring attention to the spider legs currently perched atop Coolio’s head.

“You’re a little bit different,” said the judge, inferring that this is not the first time he’s seen Coolio in court. “You’ve got a different little hairstyle going here than in the past, but it, you know, it suits you.”

Kudos to Coolio for not losing his coolio and letting the judge get his funnies off. If Coolio can stay out of trouble during probation he can have his erased from his record.